Build an Adventure game - Learn NodeJS

Build an Adventure game - Learn NodeJS

Waaaaaaaayyyyyyy back when I was about 11 or 12 I got in front of my first Apple II and I discovered the world of text-based games and I was HOOKED! From that day until the day I was coding on my own adventure game I dreamed of writing 'code' and wondered and wondered how the hell one would go about building such a thing.

A brief history in time

At the time there wasn't very many resources on how to build such a thing on the AppleII, but there were books on BASIC, which was available on the machine, and thus my thirst was both quenched, and at the same time, I was much thirstier.

As time marched on, the technologies available changed. It was now the days of Unix and BSD running on college servers and us poor souls on Windows95 or for that matter, MacOS at the time.

However, through a technology called emulation, it was possible to write a multiplayer version of this adventure game using C. So I learned enough C to be very dangerous and found a 'MUD' that would take me on as a Jr. Coder/Immortal - I think I was 16, but I never told anyone that.

On to the now! (It's way easier!)

I started using small examples of this sort of code as a vehicle to teach JavaScript and NodeJS and students really, really enjoyed it. So I started having more and more students start coding their own.

Up until now we have always focused on "real world" apps, but as we got more and more 'normal' students and less and less entrepreneurs, we moved more and more towards JavaScript, because that has overtake ruby in job posts.

However while Ruby on Rails makes building 'MVC' apps (read, real-world apps) very easy, the JavaScript language and ecosystem.... not so much. Students needed a step in between coding a 'real world app' and starting to code at all.

Get yer swords and yer shields. There are monsters ahead!

Now as part of the 'curriculum' you build your Blog/Website (just like the one you are on!), and Adventure Game, and a MVC app during your time under the Web Developer track!

Kill goblins and trolls, loot the shit out of some shiny coins and gems, walk around an imagined world of your choosing. You will even be able to create new rooms and objects and monsters from within the game at some point!

Along the way you will learn all kinds of things about programming, algorithms, and JavaScript concepts like closure, constructors, modules, prototypical inheritance, and functional vs object oriented vs prototypical programming!