We teach GulpJS for Front End Development

We teach GulpJS for Front End Development

The blog you are reading would have once been a quite large Ruby on Rails application, but those days are over and these days I am learning more and more, that we might have 'overdone' the back-end. Instead, this blog was built using GulpJS and basic HTML/CSS and of course, JavaScript, and I don't miss Rails once bit!

I can build and deploy the Devschool website and blog with a single command and in under a minute. That is super-fast compared to technology I was using just a couple of years ago, where build and deploy time could reach into almost double digits in minutes. Light-weight just feels so right!

One build automation tool to rule them all

Yes, Webpack is pretty awesome, and no - we really aren't that partial to grunt (we prefer real code over configuration any day), but the soft, warm, fuzzy spot in our hearts is GulpJS and all the tasks that used to waste our time that just melt away now-a-days.

With GulpJS we can build pages and posts from templates and markdown and json data, then inject the correct stylesheet and JavaScript link tags, minify the html, css, and js, add cache-busting urls, and even bundle up dozens of scripts and stylesheets into a single, compressed resource, making our websites super-duper fast.

JavaScript is the present and future of web development

I love Ruby. I really do. But it excels on the 'server-side' or the 'back-end' and these days, I do what I can to delay even having such a thing until I can defer it no longer. Many times I find that we can build modern, responsive, data intensive applications without even a database. Something I would have though unimaginable just a few short years ago.

But, fortunately for me, I also have had a long standing love-affair with JavaScript - for it's speed and portability (every browser), but also for it's function scoping and prototypical object structure and functional programming possibilities. I also really like the asynchronous nature of the language after years and years of blocking scripts and programs.

We teach a super-healthy portion of JavaScript at Devschool's online coding bootcamp

Yes you can learn SEO, Graphic and Logo design and typography here at Devschool. And yes, you can learn test driven development using Ruby, but you will also learn a shit-load of JavaScript while you are learning to program with us. There really is no escaping the grasp of JavaScript.

Besides.... why would anyone want to? JavaScript, NodeJS, and of course, GulpJS, fucking rock!