We teach React JS Technology from Facebook

We teach React JS Technology from Facebook

The first time I coded my view layer using React I was blown away in a way that I haven't been blown away since I saw the Rails 15 minute Demo in 2007.

Being able to 'teach' HTML new tricks by defining components that include the markup, event handling, and even the styles all into a coherent component made me very happy - especially after years and years of search through a half dozen files trying to find something I needed to work on!

Now fast forward more than a year and it is clear to see that React is the winner in the front end JavaScript view wars. It also is very different than it's competition in that it does not have anything to say about models, controllers or databases. It is only the view part, but WOW is it a great way to build UIs on the web.

Built for speed and reliability

Facebook's UI is pretty complicated. And if you spend any time in their Ads manager, you will see some really complex web forms that would make a mere mortal developer of the past absolutely cringe. All that interaction, all those custom HTML elements!

And yet in React, most of this complexity becomes trivial work. You describe your UI in a set of components that contain components and each component is responsible for a single job or piece of screen real estate. Your HTML is neatly embedded inside of a JavaScript module and the view is a direct representation of it's state.

React is completely dominating the market for front end web development these days and we are very happy that we had an early hand in adopting this amazing technology. Employers want coders who know React, and we want to teach it to you!

Build several websites in React!

Build a blog, build some Single Page Apps (SPAs), we absolutely love React and love to code it as often as we can! Think of what employers will think when they go to your personal website/portfolio and they see a custom built piece of software using all the latest tools? Well, we don't have to imagine. They love it!

Maybe you want to build a game with a Back-end in JavaScript but you want a snappy web based UI to to control it. That would be another great job for the power of React!

So come to our next open house (You can inquire about the date via the chat on our website) and get a free lesson in web development from our head instructor and see for yourself why we are so head over heels for this new technology that is taking the interwebs by storm!