Why we focus on teaching JavaScript and es6

Why we focus on teaching JavaScript and es6

A lot of school still have a heavy focus on Python, Ruby, and iOS development, but at Devschool, we are firmly planted in two camps. We primarily use JavaScript to teach programming, and we are huge fans of functional programming, to the point we teach you functional programming from day one.

The future belongs to JavaScript

There is only one language that runs in every browser on the plant. JavaScript. Therefore, for us, it is not a question of what to teach, but how to teach it. As of July 2016 we have switched from teaching JavaScript in it's current form to es6, the next form of JavaScript!

While we were huge fans of classless, prototypical, modularized JavaScript without 'proper block scoping' es6 has so many features that make our daily programming lives more enjoyable, we have put down the old curmudgeon in us and switched tools.

You can transpile the JavaScript of Tomorrow (today by now) into code that runs in your browser today and take advantage of so many more ways of building solid, beautiful JavaScript applications!

Teaching stale technologies is NOT what we are about

We still show you traditional JavaScript, but only after you have learned to live in a post-semicolon world. This will reduce the amount of outdated information you have banging around in your skull. It will also help reduce bad habits that are so prevelant in pre es6 JavaScript.

While other Schools are stuck 'teaching the curriculum', we are free to advance the bar and jump higher and further! Our students get to learn the new hotness NOW, and they get to show employers they can code es6 code LIVE in front of the interviewer.

Our school used to teach a lot more Ruby on Rails than we do today

We still LOVE Ruby, but the fact is, the world has moved on and Ruby couldn't keep up. Just because we personally love programming in a particular language doesn't mean it is the commerically viable and correct option. We have chosen to put our students' interests first and formally make the switch mid 2015 to JavaScript, and as of July 2016, we moved the focus ahead again to es6!

In the future when the bar starts to move again and we see something else take over in the market, you can assure we will 'React' (pun intended) quickly and make the switch for the sake of our students and our school! Ps... React is probably the coolest fucking thing since AJAX was invented. Like ice cream on a hot day cool. Bad ass. We focus on React for front end development these days to match the advencements in JavaScript. (React is built in es6)

We still teach Ruby on Rails and Haskell

There are times when you want a 'quick n dirty' backend. Something you can prototype FAST and then hook up a React-based front-end to. When this is the situation that confronts you, we still offer an incredible amount of experience in this arena. Besides, the JavaScript we teac you to write is very similar to the Ruby we teach, which is also very much like the Haskell we teach advanced students.

Functional Programming and JavaScript baby. We dig it, do you?